Water Features

Pool liner we did for the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art 
Outside frame constructed ready for first liner to be installed.
The first liner intalled the entire display will be built on this liner.
Second frame work being constructed and the main liner getting ready to be lifted in.
Main liner installed
Beach area constructed and final inspection before filling.
The Lagoon is full of water and the animals waiting for there home.
The 99 animals are carefully placed around the lagoon.
This Lagoon had faded and flaking paint with structural cracks in the concrete shell.
The Lagoon is in two sections with a pedestrian bridge running through the middle.
Lagoon al preped ready to install the Liners
The Liners arrive on site.
Finished in Maldive coloured liner.
This Lagoon was over 50m long and 25m wide.
The Lagoon wraped around the base of a High rise and looked amazing from the upper levels.
The Maldive pool liner gave off a beatiful reflection.